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Doherty Park, Dog Park

Dog Park

Facility Information

839 Beekman Road
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
Phone: (845) 724-5300

As of 12/12/16 the gate to Doherty Park is closed for the winter

Please be sure you list each dog in your household as a guest when you create your registration.

Dog Park Hours
Dawn to Dusk Mar. 1 - Dec. 1: Please note: if the main gate is locked feel free to park along driveway and walk your dog on a leash to the dog park

The Dog Park is closed for the winter from Dec. 1 to Mar. 1 as per Town Board Resolution 12:17:14 – 4
Rules to the Dog Park were updated by Town Board Resolution 02:17:16 - 5 instituting fees for the use of the Dog Park

Due to damage done by vehicles to one of the Doherty Park soccer fields, the gate to the park will be closed by soccer volunteers upon leaving the park. We ask all Dog Park users to cooperate with the daily closings. All users are welcome to park outside the gate and walk around it to the Dog Park.

Who Can Use the Park
Town of Beekman licensed dogs that are vaccinated and healthy and have a Beekman Dog Park Membership. Large Dog Park is designated for dogs over 25 Lbs. Small Dog Park is designated for dogs under 25 Lbs.

Steps to get a Dog Park Membership
1. Ensure your dog’s shots are up to date

2. Obtain Dog License from your Town Clerk:
a. Bring Shot Record to Town Clerk to get license
b. If you live in Beekman:
i. Town Clerk’s Office is at Town Hall, 4 Main St., Poughquag, NY
ii. Office hours M-Th, 8am-4:30pm
c. If you live elsewhere got to YOUR Town’s Clerk for license

3. Bring License from Town to Beekman Rec Office at 29 Rec Center Road and pay for Dog Park Membership:
a. Residents: $27 per dog
b. Non-residents: $54 per dog

  • All dogs using park MUST have a paid annual membership with the Town of Beekman Recreation Department
  • All dogs must be licensed, vaccinated, and healthy
  • To enter Dog Park, owners must have on their person: 1) a photo ID, 2) a copy of their dog's license, and 3) a copy of their Dog Park Membership Receipt
  • Owners are legally and financially responsible for their own pets
  • Owners may bring one dog per adult into Dog Park
  • Owners must supervise and are responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by them
  • Owners must remain with their dogs at all times. Owners will carry a leash for their dog at all times
  • All dogs must be leashed upon entering and exiting the Dog Park and be off the leash while Inside the Dog Park
  • Dogs must be leashed while outside the Dog Park but still in Doherty Park
  • Owners will clean up after their dogs. No aggressive dogs are permitted in the Dog Park
  • No puppies under 6 months allowed. No dogs in heat allowed
  • No food allowed in Dog Park
  • No children are allowed in the Dog Park without adult supervision

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