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Swim Team

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Subject to Staff Availability*

*This has been a most challenging year to recruit qualified waterfront staff.  We have posted the positions in multiple locations, reached out to multiple contacts, connected potential staff with multiple training opportunities, raised the rate of pay, and offered to reimburse staff for the required certification training. If you know anyone interested in becoming waterfront staff here is a link to some Certification Classes.  Here is a link to the Staff Application.

Goals of Swim Team
Beekman Recreation Aquatics Department offers affordable Swimming Lessons & a Swim Team so that youth have the opportunity to develop aquatic sports as a lifelong interest and healthy leisure activity.

Swim Team Values
  • Beekman Rec believes that swimming is an integral part of a child’s summer experience. We take pride in delivering an enjoyable and rewarding Swim Team experience.
  • Building leadership is part of our program. Older, more experienced swimmers can volunteer and be trained to help newer, younger, less experienced swimmers.
  • Our coaches are certified as Water Safety Instructors by the American Red Cross.

  • Youth must be able to swim 25 yards unattended
  • A parent or guardian must be present during practice and meets to attend to child's needs, while at practice/meets (IE: Bathroom break, refreshment, etc)
  • Missing multiple practices may result in being scrubbed from meet. This is at the coaches discretion.
  • Siblings and youth not being coached must be in the care of a parent/guardian and supervised at all times
  • Any non-swim team members using the lake MUST use the Patron Beach and follow the applicable rules
  • No one should enter or DISTURB the water in and around the Swim Team Docks
  • NO ONE should enter the creek
  • Only swim team members and assigned volunteers and staff are permitted on the docks

Parent/Guardian Responsibilites
  • Volunteer time for such things as attendance, bakes sales, timing, ribbon writing and scoring
  • Fundraising: participation in the Beeker's Parent Group to raise money for trophies, ribbons, parties, stop watches, and other related items.
  • Contact Local Businesses, new ideas
  • Concession: all families are asked to bring refreshments for at least 3 meets’ concession fundraisers
  • Purchase of personal items such as swim suits and T-Shirts
  • Advance notice (3 days) to the coaches if a child is not able to make a meet
  • A responsible adult to get children to and from Swim Practices and Swim meets
  • A responsible adult to be present during Swim Practices and Swim meets
  • Any children coming to Swim Practice from Day Camp MUST be signed out of Day Camp by a parent/guardian

Supervision of Swim Team Members
Please know that our coaches can only be responsible for swim team members when those members are in the docks with the coaches. As stated in the "Parent Responsibilities", a responsible adult should be at all swim practices and swim meets for all children. The question has come up as to use of bathrooms. If a child is 10 or under and needs to use the bathroom, they will be sent off the docks to find the responsible parent. If the child is 11 or older, the child will be sent on their own to the bathroom. If you as the parent of a child 11 or older, are not comfortable with this procedure, please be present during swim meets and practices to take your child to the bathroom. Thank you!

Rec Department Responsibilites
The Recreation Department will collect and use fees to provide coaches for practices & meets; all other functions of the team must be provided by the Parent Organization.

Practice Times
Swim Team practices 4-6pm weekdays. Different age levels will be assigned different times within that two hours:
  • Ten and under: 4pm
  • Eleven and older : 5pm

  • Older more experienced swimmers are encouraged to volunteer to be Junior Coaches in Training and assist with younger swimmers at 4pm.

    Important Dates
    June 29th- Aug 7th - Aug. 2nd: Daily practice & meets. No Swim Team Friday July 3rd
    June 29th, 5pm: Parent meeting on the beach
    July 1st, 3-5pm: Swim Shop will be in the pavilion to take orders for Swim Team members' swim wear
    Wed. Aug 5th: Paper Plate Awards
    Fri. Aug. 7th, Time TBD: Championships

    Marylou Gotsch Award
    Marylou was a dedicated Rec Director who went above and beyond her duties for the Swim Team and all the youth at Beekman Rec. This award is given annually to an older swim team member who emodies Marylou's qualites of caring for youth. Read more about her here.

    Fees to cover Coaching Expenses are paid to the Town of Beekman
    Waterfront Members*: $40 Early Bird; $50 after May 1
    Resident Non-members*: $50 Early Bird: $60 after May 1
    Non-Residents*: $65 Early Bird; $75 after May 1
    *To get the Member Discount, your family must have purchased a Waterfront Membership with, or prior to, the Swim Team registration.

    Multiple Child Discounts
    Given when children in the same family register for the same program
    1st & 2nd child: Full price
    3rd child: 10% off*
    4th child: 10% off*
    5th child: 10% off*

    *Must register in the office to get these discounts

    Annual Proof of Residency
    *To be eligible for Town of Beekman resident discounts for programs, proof of residency is checked annually for all participants, including those who have previously been enrolled. We will check the tax rolls but depending on the outcome, you may be asked to provide:
    1. Bills to your address, AND
    2. Proof of identity in the form of a Government Issued Photo ID

    • If you don't already have one, create a family account and put Swim Team in each child's cart
    • At check-out, either pay online or create printable form and bring into the office, M-F, 9:30-3:30
    • All online registrations will have a 3.25% convenience fee applied

    Beekers Parent are asked to Help Out one of the following during meets:
    • Timer
    • Finish Judge
    • Concession Stand
    • Line-up swimmers/ Hand out cards
    • Ribbons
    • Runner
    • Score Keeper
    • Starter

    For Additional Waterfront Info the following click here
    • Beach Rules
    • Tips for Aquatic Activities
    • Safety Guidelines
    • Safety Drill Closures
    • Inclement Weather Beach Policy

    Swim Meets 2020

    * Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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